DynoRotorpowered by Waterotor

low cost power & clean drinking water
from slow moving water

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DynoRotor 275 watt in back of SUV March

Low Cost Power & Clean Drinking Water from SLOW Moving Water


DynoRotor is more than just an electric generator that produces power and clean drinking water in slow moving water. DynoRotor is a Networked UTILITY that powers components either by direct mechanical energy or by electricity.

The DynoRotor system can include the following UTILITIES a). electric generator, b). reverse osmosis system for clean drinking water, c).  water pump dedicated for irrigation, d). water pump dedicated for flood control, e).  energy storage system that stores power when you need it, f). or a heating and cooling system.  See picture here that explains the DynoRotor Hydraulic Network Utility.


DynoRotor's (powered by Waterotor) breakthrough technology is in it's unique blade design allows it to produce "Low cost power & clean drinking water  from SLOW MOVING WATER".

Note:  DynoRotor is in the process of licensing and combining two game changing technologies:  Waterotor's Blade technology and circular hydraulic technology from the UK offering a very unique and powerful solution.

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Most hydrokinetic devices with blades are classified as "LIFT"devices, and not a DRAG device, (where the water pushes on a blade).  DynoRotor is unique in that it uses BOTH types of forces on the blades to extract energy out of the water.  DynoRotor uses LIFT forces as well as DRAG forces to extract energy from slow moving water.  (See picture below).
According to the US Patent Office: "DynoRotor/Waterotor's BLADE:  "This is a new era of energy capture due to entirely different blade design (high lift plus high drag)"

When fully deployed, DynoRotor UTILITY NETWORK technology will help meet the United Nations 2030 goal of sustainable development, bringing electricity to more than one billion people and substantially reducing the greenhouse gases that threaten the habitability of the earth.  DynoRotor also address's the 800 million people without clean drinking water.

Rivers, canals, streams and one way ocean currents are abundant and contain all the energy needed to power the planet without a molecule of carbon dioxide.  The DynoRotor will dramatically improve the Earth’s chances of staving off catastrophic Global Warming.

DynoRotor's UTILITY NETWORK design is inexpensive, simple, robust, and doesn’t harm marine life.

Major DynoRotor applications:

1)  Electricity for one billion people who have none or pay too much for power

2)  Clean drinking water for 800 million people who do not have access

3)  Camping, out-door activities, off-road exploration

4)  Off-grid living where electricity grid connections are not available or affordable

5)  Disaster relief applications (emergency power and flood control)

6)  Military applications (no smoke, no heat signature, no noise)

DynoRotor will start building two sizes: 500 watts and 1,000 watts.

The 500 watt DynoRotor is a perfect fit to power one or two houses in the third world or anywhere off-grid.  It is also perfect for outdoor activities: camping, exploration; off-road activities.  You can deploy it quickly and use it to power up your laptop, cell phones, lights and much more - for free!

 The 1,000 watt DynoRotor can power several houses in a third world village as well as supply hundreds of gallons of clean drinking water. A DynoRotor can be used to refrigerate the catch of the day or medicines, provide potable, clean, pure water, even air conditioning. Of course it can also power lights, fans, cell communications and phones and most computer related equipment.

Long-term testing began last year, we hope to be ready to ship products in 2021.

The company will enter into joint ventures or licensing deals with global & regional companies to enable rapid deployment worldwide. 

To learn more about how you can get involved, please fill in contact form here.  You can also email us at info@dynorotor.com for product information, or if you want to be a distributor or reseller, you can email dealer@dynorotor.com.  For investing information, please email invest@dynorotor.com

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